English Language Center courses for the third semester 1444

Based on the tasks of the English Language Center to improve the English language skills of male and female students of King Khalid University, a number of specialized English language training courses will be held in the third semester of the year 1444 AH. This will be online - virtual classes (Blackboard), which will be divided into three days (evening) and two hours per day. It aims to:

  • Improving students' English learning performance and skills.
  • Enhancing the level of linguistic proficiency in the English language in the various academic disciplines outside the classroom.
  • Providing students of various academic majors with knowledge and in-depth knowledge of what serves their majors in the English language.
  • Granting certificates of completion for the specialized English language training course stamped by the English language center at the university with a report on the student's level stamped by the international publishers of the books used in the course.
  • Contribute to enhancing job opportunities with certificates awarded in the English language specialized in the student's academic field.

It will be for two and a half months, with a total of 66 academic hours, and two weeks for registration until the date of 3/16/2023 AD, and the actual start of the courses will be on 3/19/2023 AD, and the courses will end at the end of the third semester, 6/1/2023 AD (two months and 3 weeks).
Financial prizes will be given to the outstanding, committed, and obtaining high passing scores for the training courses, in order to encourage students to continue and benefit from the courses fully.