The achievements of the English Language Center during the first semester of the academic year 1444

  • 14 language tests were held in the English language for all those admitted to King Khalid University for the academic year, and the number of testers reached approximately 4,000 male and female students, and accordingly, approximately 508 male and female students were exempted from obtaining an advanced level in the study of all English language courses. 400 and a student of a pardon, a student of the intensive English language course 1, the English language course for theoretical majors.


  • Approximately 50 outstanding students who obtained full marks in the work of the year for intensive English courses during the first semester of the academic year 1444 were honored.


  • The electronic English language page was launched on the King Khalid University website to facilitate access to the information that they use, for example, the description of the English language courses sealed with the student center seal for male and female students to communicate directly with their professors. And through a site that is able to submit their complaints and messages directly by filling out the form for it and sending it to an email, the site is important in informing students of the latest developments and the most important dates that relate to short cases, tests, and so on.


  • Analysis of the results of intensive English language courses for the first semester of the academic year 1444 and nominations for improvement deliveries.


  • The general English language course has been completed with three levels as a university requirement in the university development plan 1445.