QM Selects KKU Course as

QM Selects KKU Course as Sample Demo Course for Professional Development

Quality Matters (QM), a US-based non-profit quality assurance organization with over 1100 member institutions all over the world, has chosen one of KKU’s internally-developed e-courses, "Computer Organization 2", as a sample demo courses to be used in QM’s professional development workshops for the next five years, which will be taken by thousands of professionals around the world.

The criteria to be selected as a sample demo course for QM professional development were very specific and competitive. KKU is very proud of the fact that “Computer Organization 2” was selected, among many candidate course submitted by the QM community, to be one of the seven sample courses for QM professional development. This reflects the outstanding results of QM implementation at KKU by designing e-courses to meet QM Standards.

It is worth mentioning that King Khalid University was the very first educational institution to become a QM member in 2010 in the Middle East. At the end of 2010, the e-Learning Deanship established the e-Courses Quality Department with the mission to raise the awareness of quality in e-courses, to apply the QM Standards required to achieve QM Certification for e-courses, and to promote the culture of creativity and excellence in education. The mission of the e-Courses Quality Department is augmented by an overarching imperative to measure performance indicators and developmental initiative efforts to achieve the Deanship's vision to empower faculty members to design and manage high-quality e-courses leading to optimal learning outcomes for the students.

The university has chosen to join QM and remain as a member due to its rich experience and leadership in the field of e-courses. Through QM implementation, KKU has adopted research-supported, internationally-known standards to become a center for quality in e-courses. To that end, the e-Learning Deanship has developed more than 130 e-courses in different fields, and among them, 32 courses have been officially certified by QM. The university anticipates continued QM implementation as e-courses and programs expand.