E-Learning Systems Video Tutorials for Students & Faculty Members

Deanship of e-learning is providing a library of video tutorials on e-learning systems to assist students and faculty members in the e-learning process.

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Announcement , eCourses Teaching Request
eLearning Deanship announces the start of receiving e-Courses Teaching Requests for the Second Semester 1438 ,... More
E-Exams for thousands of KKU students via iPad devices
Thousands of KKU students completed their electronic exams in various courses using iPad devices provided by e-Learning Deanship rather than traditional pen and paper exams.... More
ELD is expressing its sincere congratulations, to Dr. Adel bin Ibrahim Qahmash
eLearning Deanship is hereby expressing its sincere congratulations, and its wishes for blessings to Dr.... More
1366 eCourses, approved to be taught electronically in this Semester
In order for King Khalid University to convey its message in applying e-elearning in its ideal way to support the students and benefit them, 1366 eC... More
Ideas for the optimal activation of e-Learning, during the final exams period
Ideas for the optimal activation of e-Learning during the final exams period:... More
Minister of Education, visited E-Learning Deanship Section
His Excellency, the Minister of Education, Dr.
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Learner Perception and Acceptance of E-Learning System for Learning with TAM

A faculty member at Community College for girls - King Khalid University (KKU) Mrs. Vasanthi Muniasamy, conducted a study entitled:

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At the level of Middle East Universities, the 1st QM Chair
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Visit of delegation from ELD to College of Arts and Sciences - Tanuma
Responding to an invitation from Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in Tanuma, Prof.
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