Minister of Education, visited E-Learning Deanship Section
His Excellency, the Minister of Education, Dr.
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Learner Perception and Acceptance of E-Learning System for Learning with TAM

A faculty member at Community College for girls - King Khalid University (KKU) Mrs. Vasanthi Muniasamy, conducted a study entitled:

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At the level of Middle East Universities, the 1st QM Chair
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Visit of delegation from ELD to College of Arts and Sciences - Tanuma
Responding to an invitation from Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in Tanuma, Prof.
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KKU hosts Southern Province Blackboard Middle East Adoption Day
E-Learning Deanship (ELD) at King Khalid University (KKU) hosted the Southern Province KSA Blackboard Acad
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A University researcher recommends 'Flipped Model Education'
A faculty member at Community College for girls - King Khalid University (KKU) Mrs.
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For the 1st time: KKU Faculty Member Participated in international course reviews
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Success Story, College of Languages & Translation 

We would like to present this success story from college of languages and translation by Dr. Rauf Khan.

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Announcement , The Electronic Training for Faculty Members
Welcome dear faculty member in the electronic training program (e-Learning Practitioner Certificate) through Blackboard, where you can attend
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E-Learning Systems Video Tutorials for Students & Faculty Members

Deanship of e-learning is providing a library of video tutorials on e-learning systems to assist students and faculty members in the e-learning process.

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