KKU Establishes

KKU Establishes "Design" Unit

In an expansion towards the creation of a scientific future, through the design of precise mechanisms, King Khalid University established a the newly formed Design Unit. The unit's central initiative is to build a future of learning, using enhanced design to increase the University’s innovation and creativity in technology, communication, and media to deliver better outcomes and to prepare our students for careers in innovation. The unit is based on four main objectives, to achieve the goal desired in designing a learning experience:

1-The use of Design thinking in innovation to face obstacles and find solutions and to come up with recommendations to shift towards a new non traditional way in thinking.
2-Learning experience design, to give students the chance to gain 21st century skills and to contribute in the transformation of faculty members into sources of inspirations and change makers.
3-Service Design which includes the services provided by the university for its employees , faculty members and students to enhance users experience whether in a direct or an indirect way it also includes designing spaces , learning environment , and the interface of the university departments .
4-Encouraging Design research through supporting the studies and practices in the field of design in all colleges in the field of design research.

Prof. Al Solami : This unit is in lined with the Saudi 2030 Vision and with the help of Allah will contribute in Design thinking to identify needs and find solutions for innovative learning, Supporting all university entities in facing challenges and obstacles and the participation in finding solutions that can be applied which will serve the university and its aspirations.

Unit Supervisor, Dr. Fahad bin Abdullah Alahmari, explained that the unit is based on four primary objectives that are based on the use of design thinking and innovation to overcome obstacles and challenges while providing recommendations and solutions to shift towards a non-traditional way of thinking. All actions will be based on a theme of empowering students to gain 21st-century expertise. Equally important, service design is a critical component of the plan which leads to a rapid increase in efficiency for faculty members, students, and employees. Aside from designing spaces and learning environments, identities and overall images for each university department are also of primary interest. The fourth objective of this unit is to encourage research through supporting studies in the field of design in all departments and creating the necessary conditions that enable accessibility and creativity. Al-Ahmari ended his opening remarks by stating that with the blessing of Allah this unit will be a turning point in the University's aspirations.