Welcome to your journey in exploring  online courses and teaching .

New technologies and resources for interaction, teaching and learning are appearing every day and transforming the potential of  new teaching practices. Teachers  are  engaged with thinking , experimenting and continuously developing their technical and social practices.

Online teaching can be a boon for teachers themselves, making it possible for educators, like their students, to have access to the professional resources they need to continue  learning . If the  online professional development is taken seriously and done right, every teacher, novice and experienced, could have the opportunity to learn from the best. Online courses also provide a powerful way to enhance teachers' opportunities for quality professional development.

KKU vision through KKU-EC:

KKU’s vision for eLearning is simply empower  us "KKU’ people to fulfill our changing needs and aspirations through using embedded eLearning".

Today, the eLearning Deanship is re launching its services after considerable efforts of planning and preparing for a new phase in which eLearning in KKU is intended to be taken to a new level of integration and completeness.

King Khalid University Certificate seeks, first and foremost, to develop creativity, to render creativeness as an all-out demand, and to help all participants to be involved in creative production and creative action.

KKU-EC concept :

 The Main concept is to build  ( design and develop)  and teach online courses effectively according to Quality Matters standards and best practices for teaching online.


KKU-EC was created  to develop and enhance online teaching style and building online courses . it  provides  you with a starting point to begin embracing authentic learning experiences that can be easily integrated to support existing core curriculum content . In doing so, you can effectively address the creative thinking skills.

This course covers administrative issues you should be aware of such as  planning and building online course effectively , learning strategy  and apply learner centered  approach.

The participants will train through their actual courses, each member has to choose one of his/her courses to apply  the task on it. In this course all the tasks are done by learner , you will search , read and do the requested task in your course ( practical course) . we aim to implement one of the most effective learning strategy which is called project based learning and learning by doing.


What will you learn after  you complete this course:

- Design and develop quality online course.

-Understand what is online teaching and online teachers' skills.

-Apply your online teaching skills.

- Demonstrate learning strategy and learner centered approach.

-Develop e-test using best assessment strategy.

Benefits of achieving KKU-EC :

The members who have successfully  completed KKU-EC course  will  get  many benefits from knowledge  and value added  to their experience .

 course Design online course is one of essential outcomes in KKU-EC certificate. 

While you go through this certificate you will learn how to build or  implement  your online course as you planned in the  design phase.

How to teach online ?  where online teachers must have skills for online teaching. Online teachers should be expected to demonstrate these skills.

As an online teachers you are interested to know about Different learning strategies that can be used by teachers  to guide ,design and deliver  courses.

About the value that you will gain , At the end of this course and  after  you complete all required  tasks you will get the certificate approved from King Khalid University.

Your chance to win e-learning prize will be better because you will be fielded immediately after passing the course.

If your course is perfect , all the required tasks done and QM standards are met  your course will go through QM informal reviewing then  it will be applied to QM to review it formal reviewing. This grants  you  QM seal..


Why QM?

Quality Matters (QM) is a faculty-centered, peer review process that is designed to certify the quality of online and blended courses. QM is a leader in quality assurance for online education and has received national recognition for its peer-based approach and continuous improvement in online education and student learning.

KKU and QM :

KKU has adopted the Quality Matters standards as a controlling guide for the quality of electronic courses.

For ensuring the Quality of elearning ,  ELD establishes a team to increase the awareness of quality and apply quality in online teaching and learning.

Our strategy:

Course strategy associated with the idea "involve me and I understand." It is focusing on questioning , critical thinking , and problem-solving .

Project Based Learning is a teaching and learning model that emphasizes student-centered instruction by assigning projects. It allows students to work more autonomously to construct their own learning, and culminates in realistic, student-generated products. More specifically, project-based learning can be defined as follows :

1.Learning that requires students to draw from many information sources and disciplines in order to solve problems

2.Experiences through which students learn to manage and allocate resources such as time and materials.

Course evaluation:

Course evaluation process will be divided as following:

-QualityMatter Standards  has 71% , keep in mind standards are considered essential in a quality online course and have the highest point value must be implemented in your course.

-There are tasks must be done to get 14% .

-We will have an evaluation form for students satisfaction that has 15% and  at least  you have to get 10%

-There is an extra 5% for your participation and supporting for other colleagues in our course, you can get it  by adding comments to others' blog , write in discussion board and sharing resources.

-Passing score is 85%.

KKU-C Requirements:

Requirement for KKU-EC course:

-register  in the certificate.

-Having a valid Blackboard account is an essential condition to complete this certificate.

-Also, you need to have at least one online course you are teaching   in this semester.

-Estimated time to finish course is 30 hours.

Requirements for learner ( you):

-One of KKU faculties.

-Good English language

-Good computer literacy.

-The trainee should have the basic skills needed to use blackboard and its different tools.

-It recommended to attend  Online training such as ( Activating online activities , By reinforcing e-learning  the student is the center of the education process , Applying Quality Matters Rubric )


Technical requirements:

-Good internet connection.

-IE 8 or Firefox .



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