While Preparing a Test on the Black Board and Adding the Time the Test Begins and Ends ,the Test Doesn’t Work on Some Computers Why ?

The reason that this may happen is that the computers clock timing may not be the same as the black board servers timing or it may not be set correctly .

How Can I Enter to the E learning Deanship ?

1- make sure that you have internet connection.
2- Open the webpage browser you have .
3- type down the correct address http://lms.kku.edu.sa
4- write the correct user name and pass word .
5- click on "enter".
The user name :
the user name is the same name as the registration and acceptance name .
Password :
the pass word is the same number used while registration and acceptance

How Can I Edit My Mail and Personal Account ?

To edit is very simple as shown in the following step :
after entering the black board the tools menu will appear and then personal information and by clicking on it you will navigate to the edit page and from there you will be able to edit any information you need.

Why Does the Material Menu Appear in Arabic Although it is Taught in English?

And that is because the template of the college was created in the first place in Arabic .To correct this error call the E learning specialist before the term starts so the specialist can fix the situation .

The material menu is not available to me in the material main page ?

Click on show the material menu on the right side of the screen .

How Can I Hide Certain Features in the Material Column ?

You can hide any feature in the material module by doing the following :
1-the edit mode has to be in the on mode.
2-you choose from the module the features you want to hide .
3-you will notice that on the left of the module there is an arrow click on it .
4-after clicking on the arrow a new list will appear and you choose hide the link .
5-if you want the link to be available you do the same steps but choose show instead of hide .

Why do the arrows we use to add , delete and change with some times disappear ?

In this case if the arrows disappear the edit mode in the top of the page on the left will be in an off mode .It must me on the ON mode in order to be able to change anything in the material .

How Can I Copy the Material Needed Blackboard ?

If you are teaching more than one section with the same material you can copy any of the material by going to the control panel and choosing  Packages and helping tools and the choose copy the material .

Why can't my students open the attached files that I have added to the material ?

You must be clear on the mode of the file so that the students can download the program needed in order to open the file .

Is It Possible To Delete an Assignment that Has Been Received So that the Student Can Re-Do the Assignment?

Yes it is possible with the following steps :
1-after entering the grade center you will find a column named assignments ,select the name of the student you want to re –do the assignment you find next to the students name two arrows aimed down.
2-by clicking on the arrows , many options will appear choose display grade details .
3-the assignment student receiving page will appear and you will find in the view attempt part three options choose erase the attempt and the students answer will be deleted and he will be able to answer again.